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Backup Mailserver

Backup Mailserver (also called MX Backup) is an additional service of company Platon Technologies, s.r.o. Service provides e-mail messages delivery even in time, when is your primary mailserver overloaded or temporarily unavailable.

If you are our web-hosting customer, you have already this service included in your hosting package. However, if you operate your own mailserver, this service is provided exactly for you.

How it works

In regular cycles, backup mailserver fetches from your main mailserver a list of e-mail addresses, ie. mailboxes and aliases. In case your mailserver became temporarily unavailable, our backup mailserver will automatically start to relay messages for delivery, and it will be temporarily kept on backup storage.

When your mailserver became online again, backup mailserver will subsequently send all of those messages to your server. So no single messages will be lost. Great advantage is also that particular senders would not be notified about your mailserver technical problems.

If you have questions or need more information about this service, or you want to put an order, please contact us.

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